Development Information

Welcome building owners, developers, builders and contractors to the City of Grapevine. Below is a list of information that may assist you in completing your project or development. However, should you have questions after reading, don’t hesitate to call or email us.


  • After hours inspection services - $45 per hour with a minimum charge of $90
  • Third Party Fire Systems Plan Reviews are charged by the third party. 

Fire Protection Systems Submittals

  • Fire protection & alarm systems require plan review by a third-party reviewer. No plan submittal is needed for fire sprinkler alterations of existing systems when no more than 10 new sprinklers are added or relocated.
  • Submit your plans to the third-party reviewer,
  • Upon receipt of those reviewed documents in the proper format, a permit from the Grapevine Fire Department will be issued.
  • You will be notified upon your permit being ready.
  • Pre-engineered type suppression system: Submit Plans direct to the Fire Department or to a Third Party Reviewer


  • Call 817.410.4424 to request inspections
  • Fire protection and alarm systems require inspection and tests
  • Final or Certificate of Occupancy inspections are required prior to moving in

Permits (GFD does not currently charge for permits)

  • A permit is required :
    • To install or modify Fire protection and alarm systems
    • Flammable and combustible liquids systems / tanks
    • Hazardous materials
    • Tents and membrane structures erection and use
    • These are the most common permits we issue.


  • Plans and documents that require a permit as noted above shall be submitted in PDF image form.
  • Plan PDF images submitted that require a third-party review must be stamped by the reviewer and the and the PDF reflect the reviewed stamp prior to the permit being issued.
  • Reviewed paper plans shall be kept on the job site along with the permit until final inspection or test.

Current Adopted Fire Code

  • 2015 International Fire Code with local amendments
  • Please click Fire Code Amendments to see our local amendments