Grills, Campfires, and Fire Pits

Outdoor fires for fun and recreation are great when done safely.  A few basic outdoor fire safety requirements help ensure your safety and property protection from unwanted fire.  Always consider the vegetation and the weather in your events for fire safety.  Sparks and embers or brands can fly to dry grass very quickly.  Keep a bucket of water or a shovel handy to help extinguish any unwanted fire. 

1. Cooking fires - keep at least 10 feet from combustible items such as structures, fences, vegetation, and wooden decks. 
2. Recreational fires such as a campfire for warmth involves a fire no larger than 3 feet in width, within the confines of a non-combustible burn ring, and at least 10 feet from combustibles.  No wood or burning items should extend beyond the ring.
3. Fires along the beach of the lake are not permitted unless done per these requirements and would be considered open burning subject to orders to extinguish the fire.
4. Fire pits are acceptable fire rings as long as there are no burning items outside the pit.  It also must be at least 25 feet from combustible items.
5. All outdoor cooking fires should be constantly attended and a means to extinguish should be nearby. 

Should the fire department receive a complaint from someone regarding your fire, firefighters may contact you and will evaluate the situation and if not in compliance, the fire will be extinguished. 

Recreational Fire Example 1