Candle Requirements

Candles and similar open flame devices are not allowed to be used in restaurants, exhibit centers, schools or churches without additional safeguards.  Open flame devices can be used when approved and issued a permit by the Fire Department after approval.  Our review will evaluate the ability to capture fluids or wax, ability to prevent ignition of adjacent combustibles such as napkins, table cloths, drapes or decorations. 

Check your candles to see if meets minimum safeguards. 

1. Ability to upright itself from a 45 degree position.  Exception:  Devices that self extinguish if tipped over and does not spill fuel or wax.
2. Ability to capture liquid fuel if spilled or wax.
3. Flame is enclosed where openings on the sides are not larger than .375 of an inch.
4. Flame is enclosed such that tissue paper placed on the top will not ignite in 10 seconds.
5. Location of the open flame device may not be in aisles or exits and must sit on substantial non-combustible bases.

Additional safeguards may apply depending on use.

Sky lanterns are prohibited in the City of Grapevine.