Applications / Permits

Planning Applications

The process and requirements for development approval are unique to each city. The applications, checklists, and information below will assist you as you prepare your development submittal. All applicable checklists must be completed and submitted with the application. 

Formal plan submittals take place on the first Monday of every month. The applicant must coordinate with the Planning Services Department prior to the submittal day to assure that all components of the application are complete and make an appointment time to come in and submit all required materials.

Ten days following the formal submittal the Technical Review Committee (TRC) will review submitted applications and plans. The applicant will receive comments for revisions for the final submittal from the Planning Services Department. The applicant will be required to address these comments and have corrected copies to the Planning Services Department in a timely manner prior to the schedule Public Hearing.

All inquiries of this nature should be directed to Planning Services at 817.410.3155. View Filing Fees.

Public Hearing Application General Process

Board of Zoning Adjustment Application
Concept Plan Application
Conditional Use Application
Entertainment & Attraction Overlay Application
Mass Gathering Application
Planned Development Overlay Application
Site Plan Application
Site Plan Checklist
Site and Landscape Plan Standard Notes
Site and Landscape Data Summary Table
Special Use Application
Special Use Application Oil & Gas Drilling
Special Use Application Wireless Facility Siting
Temporary Use Application - Batch Plants
Temporary Use Application - Outside Display & Sales
Temporary Use Application - Public Entertainment
Transit District Application
Tree Preservation Application
Tree Removal Application
Zone Change and Concept Plan Application and Checklist - Commercial
Zone Change and Concept Plan Application and Checklist - Residential
Zoning Verification Request
Signature/ Title Blocks
Landscape Plan Checklist
Land Use Plan Amendment Application and Checklist