Tree Preservation

Tree Preservation Ordinance

The Tree Preservation Ordinance regulates the protection of trees and vegetation cover within the City of Grapevine, to encourage the protection of healthy trees and vegetation and to provide for the replacement and replanting of trees that are illegally removed from a developed or undeveloped property or are necessarily removed during construction, development, or redevelopment.

Grapevine’s Tree Preservation Ordinance is Section 52, Tree Preservation of the Zoning Ordinance.

Permit Information

Tree Preservation Application
Tree Removal Application

Tree Removal without Permit 

For trees removed from a property without a permit, the repayment amount for a replacement tree is calculated based on a schedule published annually by the City, which sets forth the average cost of a quality tree added to the average cost of planting a tree. The replacement cost per caliber inch for 2024 is $320.41 per caliper inch.* This fee was determined for the average cost of a 3-inch caliper native shade tree and tree planting costs.

No certificates of occupancy will be issued for a site until the required payment has been made to the Tree Reforestation Fund if work has proceeded without permit approval.

*This fee will be recalculated annually.

 Tree Diseases and Problems

Dutch Elm Disease
Hypoxylon Canker
Emerald Ash Borer