Code Enforcement

Nuisance Complaints 

Code Enforcement is an important part of the Planning Services Department. The Code Enforcement Officers handle many nuisance complaints such as high weeds and grass, junk vehicles on private property, and dangerous buildings.

Common Residential Code Violations:

  • High Weed and Grass
  • Rubble, Rubbish and Debris
  • Work without a Permit
Common Commercial Code Violations:
  • Work without a Permit
  • No valid Certificate of Occupancy
  • Illegal Signs

Please note that the Code Enforcement does not handle the following:

     - Animal Complaints (Animal Control 817.410.3370)

     - Drainage issues (Public Works 817.410.3135)

     - Vehicles on public right of way (Police at 817.410.8127)

If you have questions regarding Building Permits or Inspections, please contact the Building Services Department at 817.410.3165.

For Frequently Asked Questions regarding Short Term Rentals (STRs) please click here.

To submit a complaint, please call the Code Enforcement Secretary at 817.410.3156, send an email to or complete this online form.

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