Fire Investigations

Fire Investigations

Our team of State certified fire investigators help to identify the cause and origin of fires should they occur. The investigators continually train to ensure the forensics of the fire is analyzed for origin and cause and to scientifically apply standards to validate fire cause. Fortunately we don’t need that service frequently but when necessary they can take law enforcement action as appropriate to the fire incident.

After the Fire – Post Recovery Guide

Fire Investigation Process

The process of fire investigation is time consuming and requires skills that recognize fire behavior, burn patterns, scientific analysis, fire modeling and forensic evaluations.
Photo of dryer fire
  • The scene or overall site
  • Witness statements
  • Firefighter observations
  • Photographing the scene
  • Securing the scene
  • Identifying the origin
  • Evaluating cause within the origin area
  • Collecting evidence or evaluating forensically the equipment involved
  • Interviews
  • Criminal Prosecution as necessary

Prevention After the Fire

As part of the evaluation process, a review of the cause allows investigators to recommend ways to avoid similar fires in the future. This could include policy adjustments, inspection focus or changes to the fire code requirements that would be recommended to the City Council.

Request a Fire Report

If you are the property owner or occupant you may request a fire incident report by coming to 1007 Ira E. Woods Ave., Public Safety Building and request a copy of the report.

 All other requests for reports or information are processed through the Open Records Act through the City Secretary’s office at Grapevine City Hall.

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