Functional and Access Needs in Disaster

If you or someone if your family has functional or access needs, it is imperative to plan ahead to stay safe in case of disaster. Consider the strategies, services, devices, tools, and techniques that are utilized daily as you prepare to address functional and access needs post disaster.

Examples of functional and access needs:
• Visual difficulties
• Hearing loss
• Memory loss
• Mobility issues
• Special dietary needs
• Intellectual deficiencies
• Non-English speakers

When preparing individuals with functional and access needs, keep in mind that often the individual is the most knowledgeable about their own needs. No one will have the exact same needs in time of disaster. Work with medical providers, in-home support services, and any other service providers to create back-up plans to personalize your responses to a given emergency or disaster situation.

More information about preparing for functional and access needs may be found at the following links: Information for Access and Functional Needs in Disaster

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