Home Preparedness

Once you are familiar with the hazards the City of Grapevine faces, it is important to make a family plan. If a disaster struck today, would you be prepared to deal with it? Do you know your emergency contacts, what areas of your home are appropriate for severe weather sheltering, and where your family would meet if you were not together when disaster struck? Creating a family disaster preparedness plan is easy and takes only a few minutes.

The State of Texas developed an online planning template with instructions for families to use to prepare their individual family plan. The State of Texas planning template can be accessed through a website called Texas Prepares. Once completed, the family plan can be printed off and shared with others.

The KnoWhat2Do program in North Central Texas developed an online, printable application to assist you in creating your family plan. The KnoWhat2Do disaster planning template can be accessed through the KnoWhat2do website.