Disaster Preparedness for Businesses

Disasters impact businesses as well as residences. Disaster costs can quickly add up if businesses are not able to provide goods and services as usual. Pre-disaster planning can help keep businesses and their employees up and running and back to work much faster. Businesses benefit from carefully thought out preparedness plans, implementing emergency policies and procedures, and practicing for emergencies and disasters of all kinds.

Ready Business is a tool developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency providing preparedness, planning, business continuity and crisis management information for businesses. Like residents, businesses need to be aware of the full spectrum of hazards faced within the community. Businesses should make plans to protect their investment, train their employees about appropriate preparedness activities, and implement simple recovery techniques to reopen as soon as possible post disaster.

Several websites offer useful information for disaster preparedness and recovery for businesses:

FEMA Ready Business

Small Business Administration Disaster Assistance

SCORE.org - Small Business Support

State of Texas Dept. of Information Resources Disaster Continuity Planning Guidance