City Ordinances

Answering Questions

Grapevine's Code of Ordinances and Zoning Ordinances are available online. This will assist you in obtaining answers to questions from administration to zoning.

Grapevine City Code online enables citizens to access the City Charter and Code of Ordinances online and to search by keywords. The code version online is maintained by Municipal Code Corporation and may have been amended since the latest online update.

The information is not an exhaustive compilation of every City ordinance. It is also possible that the ordinance you view may be inaccurate due to errors made in the electronic transmission of the original ordinance, a failure to include any updates or changes to an ordinance, or any other reason. The City accepts no responsibility for errors in omission that may occur.

Contact the Grapevine City Secretary's Office for further information regarding the City's Code of Ordinances at 817.410.3182. For information regarding the City's Zoning Ordinance, contact 817.410.3155.