Fire Prevention FAQs

May I have candles at my wedding or religious ceremony?

Yes, as long as the candles meet the requirements of our open flame and candle policy.

Why does my fire extinguisher require an annual inspection?

Your fire extinguisher is your first line of defense against fire. The annual inspection ensures your fire extinguisher is operating correctly to protect you and your property. The fire extinguisher experts identify that failure of fire extinguishers occur. To avoid such failures, an annual inspections of the fire extinguisher is required.

Who can inspect my fire extinguisher?

The State Fire Marshals office regulates people or businesses who inspect, service, or install fire extinguishers. Companies that are in the fire extinguisher inspection business may be found on the internet or in the phone book. If you have an existing fire extinguisher with a tag, the company that serviced it last is printed on the tag along with their contact information

Photo of fire extinguishers