Smoke Alarms

"Never Stay at Home Without One"


About half of all house fires in Grapevine occur in homes without a working smoke alarm. The United States Fire Administration awarded a Fire Prevention and Safety Grant to place smoke alarms into Grapevine residences. The program was started in 2010 and continues today. So far we have installed over 1200 smoke detectors and visited more than 4000 homes.

Anyone within the City of Grapevine who wishes to have their smoke alarm checked may call the fire department administrative offices at (817) 410-4400 between 8:00 AM -5:00 PM, Monday – Friday. A time will be scheduled for a fire department representative to come to the residence and check the smoke alarms.

As part of the program, each time a fire truck or ambulance makes a response to a residence, the smoke alarms within the residence will be checked, if appropriate, and as time allows and with the homeowner’s permission prior to personnel leaving the scene.

If your smoke alarm is not working, we will replace the battery and if it still will not work, a new smoke alarm will be installed. If firefighters cannot not complete the task, the homeowner will be referred to the Fire Prevention Division to schedule an appointment time for the smoke alarm(s) to be checked.

The Fire Department also conducts “Smoke Alarm Blitzes" in various neighborhoods. During this effort, specific areas of the city will be targeted on a given Saturday with fire department personnel and Citizens Fire Academy Alumni partnering to check smoke alarms, replace batteries, and install new smoke alarms in a concentrated area.

The goal of the program is to have a functioning smoke alarm in every home in Grapevine. Remember, Smoke Alarms…Don’t Stay Home Without One!”