Wireless Printing

To access the link for Wireless Printing, click here. This is a service that can be used within the library, or from anywhere in the world.


  • Choose if you want to print black and white ($.10) or in color ($.25).
  • Type in your Last Name. This will be your Print Job Name. You will enter this into the computer at the Print Station to retrieve your printed pages.
  • Upload your document. Press "Browse", find your document on your computer, then press "Upload". You will get a confirmation number once the print job has been added to the queue. You do not need to bring the confirmation number to the library.

Things to Remember

  • The print job stays in the library's queue for 24 hours. If it is not picked up by then, the job is then deleted.
  • When you log into the Print Release Station, you will be asked for a barcode. If you go ahead and just press "Login", you are not required to enter in a barcode.
  • We highly encourage you to Print Preview any job, and only print the pages that you want. The Library is not responsible for unwanted pages.