eBooks and Audiobooks

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Looking for ebooks and digital audiobooks? You've come to the right place!

Grapevine Public Library offers over 170,000 ebooks and audiobooks and more than 3,100 digital magazines to read or listen to on your phone, tablet, laptop, or other compatible mobile device to read anywhere and any time you want. 

  • Long commute to work? Check out an audiobook to listen to on your commute!
  • Going on a trip? Be sure and fill up your device with ebooks to read on your flight!
  • Want to read in bed without waking up the whole household? Read an ebook in night mode!



Log In Information
EBSCOhost requires that you set up an account with a username and password. If it asks you for a Patron ID information from your administrator, type in the full 14 digit barcode on the back of the library card. You will then need to sign in using the account information using a user name and password.

Free Online eBooks

  • Baen Books - Science fiction and fantasy books available for PC or Kindle.
  • Book Lending - Allows you to lend or borrow books between Kindles.
  • Project Gutenberg - The original site for over 33,000 free eBooks.
  • Google Books - Nearly 3 million eBooks from the public domain 
  • Open Library - Over one million books available to borrow from other libraries