School Area Traffic Safety

The City of Grapevine considers pedestrian safety, especially around schools, one of its highest priorities. The City provides a sidewalk system around schools, installs and maintains school zones, provides school crossing guards at key crossings, provides law enforcement, and works with the schools in establishing safe and efficient pick-up and drop-off of children.

Crossing Guards

The Crossing Guard Program is operated by the Grapevine Police Department. Police personnel work the Traffic Operations Division in evaluating requests for crossing guards.

Traffic Safety around Schools

Adults are the most effective resource to improve traffic safety around schools by adhering to the following safe practices:
  • Carpool to reduce the number of vehicles near schools, especially during poor weather.
  • Do not double park or block traffic.
  • Do not wait or stand in no-parking zones.
  • Do not block buses or use areas designated for buses only.
  • Never leave a vehicle unattended in a loading zone.
  • Do not park within a crosswalk or pass a stopped vehicle that is allowing pedestrians to cross.
  • Learn the traffic patterns at the school and avoid being a disruption.
  • Children should be taught to think defensively. A child should not assume a driver sees them.
  • Always look in all directions before entering a street, and never run into a street.
  • Avoid crossing streets at mid-block, especially when parked vehicles may obstruct vision. Use stop signs, traffic signals, and crossing guards when available.
  • When riding a bicycle, ride with the flow of traffic as close to the right edge of the street as practicable, in single file.
  • Walk the route to school or other frequently used locations with your child and point out safe practices.
  • Adults should not violate the law by using the excuse “I will just be here a minute” when picking up or dropping off children. Violations still present a danger and cause congestion during the time of day when it most important to provide safety for children and avoid congestion.