Neighborhood Traffic Management

Traffic in residential neighborhoods is a frequent source of concern throughout the City. However, the solution to such concerns often rests primarily in the hands of the neighborhood residents.

Residents and frequent guests are often the source of most traffic complaints in their own neighborhoods. This is simply because residents make up the vast majority of the drivers on local streets, and residents are familiar with the streets and assume they know what conditions they will encounter as they drive in the area.

Drivers unfamiliar with an area often drive more slowly in order to read house numbers and street name signs and to identify turns needed to reach their destination.

Improving Safety

Residents are the key to improving traffic safety:
  • Pay attention and drive carefully. Minimize cell phone use and do not text and drive.
  • Obey traffic laws. Set a good example and remind your guests and neighbors to do the same.
  • Remind residents at your Neighborhood Watch or Home Owners Association meetings to use caution when driving through the neighborhood.
  • Report stolen or vandalized signs, potholes, debris in the street, and other concerns.
  • Educate children regarding proper traffic safety. Children should not be allowed to play in or near the street.
  • Bushes and trees near intersections should be kept trimmed so that cars approaching the intersection can be seen by others.
  • Fences and other objects should be located so that the vision of drivers is not unreasonably restricted.
  • Vehicles should be parked in the same direction as traffic, and should never block a sidewalk or crosswalk.

Visibility Issues

If you notice visibility problems on a City street, please notify us at 817.410.3330 and we will work with the specific homeowner to address the problem.