Traffic & Transportation

The Traffic Operations Division provides traffic engineering, operations, maintenance and transportation planning services for the City’s network of roadways.

Traffic Engineering

  • Perform signal timing studies and synchronize traffic signals
  • Design traffic signals, pavement markings, and other traffic controls
  • Perform traffic studies related to signal warrants, speed limits, traffic controls, and school area safety
  • Review and identify high accident locations

Traffic Operations

  • Operate and maintain approximately 71 City-owned and Texas Department of Transportation-owned traffic signals
  • Operate and maintain approximately 29 school flashers
  • Fabricate, install, and maintain traffic signs for all City-maintained streets, events, and other uses
  • Install and replace pavement markings for all City-maintained streets
  • In coordination with Information Technology, install, operate, and maintain a City-wide broadband radio communications system used for traffic signals, school flashers, and CCTV cameras, as well as other uses for the Utilities Division and other City departments
  • Maintain City-owned lighting fixtures on streets, bridges, and parking lots
  • Provide temporary traffic control, electrical, and communication services in support of other City divisions or projects as needed

Traffic Requests

Email us to report non-emergency traffic engineering and operations issues.

For urgent concerns, please call us at the numbers listed to the right.