Special Operation Teams

The Fire Operations and EMS Division includes special operations companies to address specific and unique response needs within the community.

Dive Rescue Team

While Lake Grapevine provides a wonderful recreational opportunity, accidents sometimes occur on the water. To address this specific hazard, the Grapevine Fire Department operates a Dive Rescue Team. The Dive Rescue team consists of fire department personnel that have an interest in SCUBA diving. These personnel have received additional training and certifications to search for lost persons in Lake Grapevine. The team has also responded as part of a mutual aid request to surrounding communities to search for persons in bodies of water outside of Grapevine.

Heavy Rescue Team

In order to address the unique hazards posed to injured persons and fire department personnel conducting rescue operations in confined spaces, trenches, or following a structural collapse, the Grapevine Fire Department operates a Heavy Rescue Team. Fire Department personnel assigned to the heavy rescue team have received additional specialized training and certifications in structural collapse rescue operations, rope rescue operations, high-angle rescue operations, trench rescue operations, and confined space rescue operations.

The Heavy Rescue Team has received a portion of equipment and funding through the Northeast Fire Department Association (NEFDA). As part of the NEFDA group, the Heavy Rescue Team has responded to rescue calls in other Northeast Tarrant County communities and mutual aid rescue calls outside of the county when requested.