Fire Apparatus

        Apparatus                                  Description                               Image
EngineFire apparatus with a permanently mounted fire pump, water tank, and hose body, the primary purpose of which is to combat structural and associated fires.Engine
QuintA fire department emergency vehicle with a permanently mounted fire pump, a water tank, a hose storage area, an aerial device with a permanently mounted waterway, and a complement of ground ladders.Quint
TruckA vehicle that is equipped with an aerial ladder, an elevating platform, an aerial ladder platform or a water tower and that is designed and equipped to support fire-fighting and rescue operations by providing for positioning of personnel, handling of materials, continuous egress, or discharging of water at positions elevated from the ground.truck 1
AmbulanceA vehicle equipped for treating and transporting the injured or sick. Could be called a Mobile Intensive Care Unit or MICU, essentially bringing the emergency room to your door.medic
Battalion VehicleA vehicle equipped for incident command.Bat truck-200-150
Dive Rescue UnitA vehicle equipped for transporting public safety divers and members to a dive incident.Dive Rescue Unit
Heavy Rescue Unit
A special vehicle, also known as a heavy rescue or squad, equipped with tools and equipment to perform one or more types of special rescue such as building collapse, confined space, trench rescue or high angle.Heavy Rescue Unit
Fire Boat “Mustang”A watercraft utilized for firefighting and rescue on Lake Grapevine. The “Mustang” is a 26’ Sea Ark Marine “Little Giant” craft with twin 225 horsepower motors. It also has a 500 gallon per minute pump for fighting boat and marina type fires.Fire Boat Mustang
Brush UnitA Wildland Type 6 engine designed to go off road and fight grass or brush type fires. This unit may also used for parking garage incidents due to the lower profile.Brush Unit