Grapevine Township Revitalization Project, Inc.

History & Heritage

The City of Grapevine recognizes that restoring and rehabilitating our architectural history is important toward the goal of preserving our City's cultural heritage. To that end, the City Council created the Grapevine Township Revitalization Program, Inc. (GTRP), a non-profit organization, to assist in preserving the architectural heritage of the original Township of the City of Grapevine.

The goals of the GTRP Grant Program, Inc. are to preserve the cultural heritage of the original Township of the City of Grapevine through preservation, restoration, rehabilitation, and/or reconstruction of historic homes in the original Township. City staff provides architectural design assistance, at no charge, to property owners for the appropriate restoration and preservation of their historic homes.

Matching Grant

The City Council also authorized a matching grant program for exterior revitalization of the historic homes within the Township. Grants are awarded on a 2 to 1 matching basis up to $10,000 for owner-occupied houses and on a 1 to 1 matching basis for residential rental houses.

GTRP is also active in preserving historic homes. Through its rehabilitation program, the organization will accept the donation of a historic house (that is otherwise in danger of demolition), relocate the house within the boundaries of the Township, rehabilitate the house and make it available for sale as a residence.

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