Grapevine Historic Districts

Protecting Heritage

In 1991, the City of Grapevine adopted a Historic Preservation Ordinance in an effort to protect the city's rich, unique architectural heritage. The ordinance created the Historic Preservation Commission and a process for designating historic districts and landmarks. The city has the Historic Township District, five local historic districts and individual residential and commercial historic landmarks.  


The Commercial Historic District, Ordinance #92-39, 7/21/1992; Historic Overlay #HL92-01

The Commercial Historic District Ordinance #92-67, 10/20/1992; Historic Overlay #HL92-03

College Street Historic District, Ordinance #93-58, 11/16/93; Historic Overlay #HL93-01

Historic Grapevine Township District (added to Zoning Ordinance), #98-41, 03/23/1998                                                                   Historic Grapevine Township District Boundary Extension, Ordinance #2011-62, 12/06/11 

Cotton Belt Railroad Historic District, Ordinance #2002-12, 1/15/2002, Historic Overlay #HL01-08

West Wall Street Historic District, Ordinance #2004-41, 6/15/2004, Historic Overlay #HL04-01

D. E. Box Addition Historic District, Ordinance #2011-58, 10/18/2011, #HL10-09