Certificate of Appropriateness

Historic Preservation Commission Certificate of Appropriateness Requirements:


  • Meet with Historic Preservation staff to review application requirements for your specific request.
  • Complete the application
    • Include signatures of property owner or applicant
  • List the address, the lot, block, and subdivision of the subject property
  • Provide plans or drawings on 8 1/2 X 11 or 11 X 17 paper drawn to scale and dimension (where required) with other drawings as desired or as requested by staff
    • The scale should be large enough to be clearly legible
  • Provide material and color samples of proposed work

The application must be completed and meet all City of Grapevine Ordinance requirements before a request for a Certificate of Appropriateness can be scheduled for a Public Hearing.

Please Note: Completed application with all required attachments are due four (4) weeks in advance of the meeting.

Submission / Approval of a Certificate of Appropriateness does not constitute approval of a Building Permit.

Building Permits shall be submitted separately.

Historic Township Structures
Pre-construction Meeting

A documented pre-construction meeting is required prior to the issuance of a Building Permit for all properties located within the boundary of the Historic Grapevine Township and for all landmark properties. By reviewing the Historic Preservation Ordinance and the requirements of the approved Certificate of Appropriateness, this meeting will help preclude any construction errors or misinterpretations. Meeting participants shall include:  

  • Property Owner
  • Building Contractor
  • Historic Preservation Officer
  • Building Department Inspector