Water Quality Assurance & Control

Water Quality Sampling

In order to ensure Grapevine’s Public Water Supply System meets established parameters for quality assurance and control, all of our operators are licensed and follow all TCEQ and EPA methods for testing.

Sample Collection

Routine samples are collected each month from various locations throughout the City’s system, including various private residences. A summary of sample analyses is listed in the Water Quality Report (2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022).

Water Testing

Backflow and Cross-Connection

The goal and objective for the City of Grapevine’s Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control Program is to protect the public water supply from contamination by an external foreign source. In order to accomplish this goal, multiple City Departments are working together.


The City of Grapevine Development Services Department inspects new installations on both commercial and residential facilities for potential sources of contamination. The City of Grapevine Public Works Department conducts inspections on existing systems and performs on-going monitoring.

Certified & Approved Licensed Testers
You are required to use a State Certified and Approved Licensed Tester. Inspection and Test Forms for Backflow and Cross-Connection testing are available from the City of Grapevine Building Services, 817.410.3165.