Sustainability Venn DiagramThe City of Grapevine Public Works Department is taking steps to improve the energy efficiency of city owned facilities and conserve natural resources. Sustainability is a common theme in Grapevine. With many groups, “going green” or “cleaner greener Grapevine” are new mantras. However, growth continues to require more resources. The challenge is growth without increasing our carbon footprint. With new technology, applied energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, Grapevine strives to grow in a manner that is best for our residents, businesses and the environment. The City has implemented multiple measures towards this goal including:
  • Support for legislation to implement regional public transportation.
  • Retrofits for traffic signals to LED based lenses.
  • Replaced holiday lights with LED holiday lights.
  • Retrofits for existing buildings with efficient lighting.
  • Retrofits for Water and Wastewater Plant Operations.
  • Xeriscaping landscape.
  • Raw water irrigation for Parks.
  • Irrigation master control system.
  • Regional Clean Fleet Program.
  • Purchasing hybrid and energy efficient fleet vehicles as older vehicles are replaced.
  • HVAC maintenance tune-ups.
  • Extending Grapevine's hike and bike trail system
The City continues to implement energy efficient measures aimed at reducing our overall carbon footprint as well as reducing what we spend on energy consumption.