Construction Inspection

Public Work Construction Inspection is responsible for overseeing the construction of all new water, wastewater, storm drain and street improvements on private developer and capital improvement projects within the City of Grapevine.

Construction inspectors work closely with contractors to facilitate the construction process. In addition, construction inspection provides communication with citizens related to the construction process.

Public Improvements

Construction of public improvements may begin after plans have been reviewed and released for construction and a pre-construction meeting is held.

Final Acceptance for Public Facility Improvements will be granted after the contractor/owner has satisfied the requirements of the final acceptance checklist.

Right-Of-Way & Sidewalk Construction

In addition, our inspection office reviews and inspects all franchised utility work performed in our right-of-way and all sidewalk and drive approach construction.

Applications and Forms:

  • City Walks and Approaches Permit
  • Right-Of-Way Permit