Fire Clowns

Buckets' Safety Brigade

Fire Clowns Established in 2001, the Grapevine Fire Department's public safety education team, also known as Buckets' Safety Brigade, has performed their safety shows in front of thousands of children.


The troupe sends their message of "Fighting Fire through Education" in a variety of humorous methods, primarily at area schools, festivals, churches, and various social events. They have even taken their show to Southern Methodist University to provide fire safety messages to incoming freshmen, although the target group still remains the youth of the community.

Educational Value

It has been proven that children retain more information if they are entertained in the process. The troupe has been performing its Life and Fire Safety 30-minute shows since 1998. Simple props cut out of foam are used to educate children about "Call 911," "Smoke Detector Safety," "Stop, Drop, and Roll," and many more safety tips.

The troupe provides elaborate and entertaining shows, which include song and dance; with one goal in mind, "Educate children about the dangers that surround them in everyday life."


If you would like more information about the troupe, contact Driver Morris Leondar at 817.410.4424 or by email.

Current Troupe

  • Driver-Engineer, Morris Leondar
  • Firefighter / Paramedic, Josh Santiago
  • Firefighter / Paramedic, Caleb Melton
  • Firefighter / Paramedic, Lindsey Tolin
  • Firefighter / Paramedic, Billy Murphy
  • Captain, Jamey Shipler