FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Have questions about the Grapevine Public Library Esports Academy? We have answers! The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Academy.

What times will the Esports Academy be open to the public?

The Esports Academy will be open during scheduled events and programs that will be posted monthly on the library events calendar. Typically, you must register in advance, as space will be limited to the number of stations available.

What is the schedule going to be for the Esports Academy? When can I see it? 
 The monthly schedule of events will be posted on our library events calendar.

Will printed schedules be available? 
Yes, Esports Academy events will be listed in the printed monthly library newsletter available in the front lobby of the Library and on the table located near the ESports Academy’s entrance. 

Where can I register for classes or to use the space?

There will be a monthly programming schedule posted on the Esports Academy home page, on the City of Grapevine Library events calendar, and in the monthly library newsletter that will be sent out via email. Printed copies will also be available inside the Library.  Announcements for upcoming events will also be posted regularly on the GPL Esports Academy Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as on the main Library social media accounts.

Registration for Esports Academy events and programs will be available at our library events calendar.

Email gplesports@grapevinetexas.gov to reserve a team practice session, for major event requests, and for program suggestions.

Is there an age limit to use the Esports Academy equipment?

Most Esports Academy events will be for ages 13 and up, although there will be occasional events specifically for children aged 12 and younger. 

Can children be in the Esports Academy area unattended? 
Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult when inside the Esports Academy unless participating in a program intended for children under the age of 12.


Will there be a charge to participate? 
 There will never be a cost to participate in Esports Academy events or programs. The Academy was created to ensure that those who may not be able to afford the expensive equipment and high-speed internet access required can still get involved in esports. We are hopeful that skills learned at the Esports Academy will also help partcipants opportunities to earn academic scholarships and obtain jobs in the growing esports industry.

Will you have local team and individual competitions? 
 We will be putting together teams and leagues for both local and regional tournaments/leagues for individuals and groups of players.