Hiring Process

This is the order of steps in the hiring process at the Grapevine Fire Department.. 
1. Apply for open position at Open Jobs. Please make sure that you apply for the correct job.
    a. Firefighter/Paramedic requires.
    b. Firefighter/EMT that you have both a TCFP basic firefighter certification and DSHS EMS license.
    c. Paramedic Recruit has a DSHS paramedic license but not fire certification.
    d. If certifications are requested, make sure that you have attached it.
    e. Review disqualifications.
2. Qualified candidates will be notified of testing location and dates.
3. Schedule a testing date.
4. Download and complete Personal History packet here.
5. Personal History packets due at written test. You will be rejected if you do not have your PHS with you.
6. Testing will be a Tarrant County College Fire Service Training Center (Northwest Campus)
a. You must be checked in by 8:00 am. A Photo ID is required to test.
7. Physical Agility Test
    a. Wear athletic shoes, T-shirt, and shorts or pants.
    b. Candidates will participate in the physical agility testing wearing NFPA approved: PPE jacket, helmet, gloves, and SCBA.
    c. Events in the physical agility test consist of:
        i. Rescue Maze
        ii. Aerial Ladder Climb
        iii. Fireground Evolution
            1. Charged Hose Drag
            2. Equipment Carry
            3. Ventilation Simulator
            4. Body Carry
            5. Ladder Raise
     d. If you have a Physical Ability certificate from TCC that is dated within a year of testing date, bring the certificate with you and you          will not be required to take the PAT again.
8. Written examination will be administered after the PAT if you pass.
9. Those candidates moving on to the process will be notified of available interview dates.
10. Polygraph
11. Interview by Board Panel.
      a. Candidates selected to continue notified
      b. Rejected Candidates notified
12. Chief interview of candidates selected to move on in process.
13. Applicant Background Investigation Packet completed.
14. Hiring process started with HR.
15. Conditional job offer made by HR based on passing the following:
      a. Medical exam
      b. Essential job function test
      c. Drug screen
16. Start Date Confirmed