Do-Not Solicit List

Ordinance No. 2014-30 allows citizens to register on the Do-Not Solicit list. Solicitors are prohibited from knocking on the doors of addresses on the Do-Not Solicit list. 


An address can be added to the list by registering below or visiting the City Secretary's Office at 200 South Main Street.

Register for the Do-Not Solicit List here.

If your address is on the list, but you still have solicitors at your door, get the solicitor's name and company and call the Police non-emergency number 817.410.8127.

To remove your address from the Do-Not Solicit list send an email with your address to

Do-Not Solicit List

View the Do-Not Solicit List (published February 26, 2024)

Solicitors may view a web map of the exempt properties here.

This list will be published (without names or email addresses) each week by 3:00 pm on Monday.  Solicitors are required to check the list weekly to confirm they have the most current list. 

New solicitors will also receive a copy of the list when they are issued their ID badges.


Complaints regarding solicitors can be made to the Police Department at 817.410.8127.

For more information about the solicitor permitting process, contact the City Secretary's Office at 817.410.3182.