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Police Open Records Requests

    For guidance regarding your rights as a requestor and the public information procedures adopted by this governmental body, you may review the governmental body’s notice required under section 552.205 of the Government Code.
  2. Requestor Contact Information
  3. Description of Record: (Please specify the document/record being requested. Please be specific to assist in locating the record you are requesting. Provide all known information such as case number, name of person(s) involved, location, date and time of incident, description of vehicle(s) involved, type of offense or incident, etc.)

  4. Under the Public Information Act, some categories of information do not have to be released. Exceptions to disclosure fall into two general categories: 1) mandatory exceptions that make information confidential and require a governmental body to withhold information, and 2) discretionary exceptions that allow but do not require a governmental body to withhold information.
  5. In most instances, a governmental body is required to request a decision from the Attorney General in order to withhold information from a requestor. However, a requestor may permit a governmental body to redact information without requesting an Attorney General decision. You are not required to agree to the redaction of any information responsive to your request, but doing so may streamline the handling of your request. If you agree to redactions in this request, then you may request the redacted information in a future request.
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