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1. What are the advantages of owning property in a historic district or an individual landmark?
2. How do I know if I own property in a designated historic district or landmark?
3. Is being designated a City of Grapevine Historic District or Landmark different from being listed on the National Register of Historic Places?
4. When was the district established?
5. How does being located in one of these historic districts affect me as a property owner? Can I still make changes to my property?
6. How do I go about getting a Certificate of Appropriateness?
7. Does the city provide any services to help residents with applying for a Certificate of Appropriateness?
8. Are there any programs available to help me with the cost of restoring my property?
9. What does the Grapevine Township Revitalization Project offer to property owners?
10. How do I go about getting more information about the program?