What is H.B. 1491?
Effective June 29, 2007, H.B. 1491 requires any person or business that contracts with or is considering doing business with a local governmental entity to file a "conflicts of interest questionnaire." The conflict of interest questionnaire (FORM CIQ) was created by the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) and is available online. The bill provides that failure to file the statement or questionnaire is punishable as a class C misdemeanor. This new law is in accordance with Section 176.006 of the Local Government Code.Texas Ethics Commission

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1. What is H.B. 1491?
2. Who Must File a "Conflict of Interest Questionnaire?"
3. To What Type of Contracts Does the Bill Apply?
4. When Must a Vendor File the Conflict of Interest Questionnaire?
5. With Whom Should the Questionnaire Be Filed?
6. What About Posting the Information on the Internet?