Can I run a business from my home?

The City of Grapevine allows home businesses on a very limited basis. The ordinance defines customary home occupation as:

CUSTOMARY HOME OCCUPATION shall mean an occupation customarily carried on in the home by a member of the occupant's family provided that:

(a)The home occupation shall be clearly secondary to the residential use of the dwelling and there may be no evidence of the home occupation visible to the neighborhood.
 (b) There shall be no structural alteration to the premises/building or any of its rooms, which changes the residential character of the dwelling.
 (c) There shall be no installation of machinery or additional equipment other than customary to household operations.
 (d) No person other than a member of the family of the owner or the resident of the dwelling shall be employed or work in such home occupation and such employees must also be occupants of the residence.
 (e) A home occupation may not create noise, vibration, glare, fumes, odors, or electrical interference which is detectable off of the premises, and may not cause visual or audible interference in radio or television receivers or fluctuations in line voltage off of the premises.
 (f) A home occupation must be carried on wholly within the principal dwelling, and not in an accessory building.
 (g) No signs or displays advertising the home occupation may be placed on the property where the home occupation is conducted.
 (h) Any activity conducted on the premises shall be of such a nature as to not appreciably increase the vehicular traffic or pedestrian activity in the neighborhood, and shall not encourage queues, browsing of displays, or any similar activity.
 (i) Outside storage of merchandise or equipment is prohibited.
 (j) Parking for the home occupation must be provided on a paved surface off of the street and not in a required front yard.
 (k) A customary home occupation shall not include the physical or medical treatment of persons or animals, retail sales, business services, barbershops, beauty shops, dance studios, carpenter shops, electrical shops, plumber shops, radio shops, auto repairing or painting, furniture repairing, or sign painting.
 (l) Sales of motor vehicles shall be limited to a maximum of two vehicles per calendar year. 817.410.3155

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