Summer Camp

Summer Camp
A free annual summer camp for at-risk youth was implemented to offer positive police interaction in 2006 through various activities. While campers have fun with hands-on activities such as problem solving initiatives and competitions that only succeed if everybody wins, they learn lessons in team building, responsible decision-making and character education.

Parents recognize the positive interaction the police officers have on their children and open their hearts and mind to the potential for future successes of their children through the relationships formed with police officers and other campers. Our School Resource Officers identify 25 students from their perspective campus, Grapevine Middle School and Cross Timbers Middle School.

The activities offered in summer camp will help set lifetime goals, while enhancing personal growth. Campers will experience a new awareness in confidence and self esteem. Moreover, campers will discover one's strengths and weakness will enable them to develop strong coping skills for the stressful situations the world offers. Studies have shown that
similar programs have had profound long lasting effects on
participants, leaving them with memories of accomplishment,
capable of breaking the cycle of criminal behavior, poverty and