School Resource Officers

Overview and Duties

To ensure the general safety and welfare of the students, faculty, and staff as well as assist in the educational process.

The major responsibilities of the School Resource Officers are:

  • Uniform Presence
  • Educational Programs
  • Public Relations
  • Guidance Services
The purpose for having a School Resource Officer (uniformed police officer) is not only to provide security and safety but to offer students, faculty and staff the opportunity to become personally acquainted with the police officer. This relationship fostered between the students and the officer can help generate trust and respect not only between the students and the uniformed police officer assigned to the school but between students and all uniformed police officers. This helps break down the negative stereo types that students have of the police. A SRO who is properly trained, compassionate, fair and sincere can build a good rapport among students, the community and school district personnel.

The SRO is not located on campus to serve as a school official and is not an employee of the school district. The SRO may provide the school and student with advise, assistance and consultation. School affairs, opposed to violations of the law, are supervised by school officials without interference by the police. By maintaining a clear distinction of jurisdiction and duties school authorities are not undermined by the SRO program.

The School Resource Officer Program is designed to provide security for the schools and to assist the school administration in providing an atmosphere conducive to learning and providing professional police services in an informative and educational manner. The officer is there to act as a resource for students, parents and school district employees. The officer at the school is available to immediately handle any problems that occur at the school and take action if needed.

The SRO's are:

Grapevine High School
Sr. Officer T. Caldwell - 817.251.5295

Grapevine Middle School
Sr. Officer M. Cabrera - 817.251.5435

Cross Timbers Middle School
Sr. Officer E. Huski - 817.251.5485