Volunteers in Police Service

VIPS Star Patch

Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) can be an important part of any organization and have proven to be a valuable asset to law enforcement agencies. Since inception (2006), VIPS have been assigned specified tasks and duties that have created efficiencies for the department and improved services to the community. VIPS help to increase police responsiveness, service delivery, and information input, and they provide new program opportunities. In addition, VIPS can bring new skills and expertise to the job and prompt new enthusiasm. VIPS are intended to supplement and support, rather than supplant, sworn officers and civilian personnel.

VIPS help in Records, occupy an Information Desk during business hours, assist in Dispatch, Crime Free Multi-Housing, Women's Self Defense and conduct foot patrols in the city as well as drive specially marked volunteer cars as a Citizens On Patrol unit.

The qualifications for VIPS are as follows:

  • Be at least 21 years of age;
  • Possess a valid Texas Driver's License or Identification card;
  • Have no record of arrest or conviction for criminal offenses Class B misdemeanor penalty group or higher, or some Class C misdemeanor penal law violations involving moral turpitude;
  • Have no habitual record of Class C misdemeanor traffic violations;
  • Past illegal use of drugs will be in accordance with current full-time employee policy standards;
  • Be in good physical condition, relevant to the position for which they will be volunteering;
  • Have the ability and desire to volunteer at least sixteen (16) hours per calendar month, if trained to operate a city vehicle, otherwise at least eight (8) hours per calendar month;
  • Must live or work in the City of Grapevine, have an immediate relation working for the Grapevine Police Department or as authorized by the Chief of Police;
  • Successfully complete the Grapevine Citizens Police Academy or a former full-time employee of the Grapevine Police Department; and
  • Successfully complete the basic VIPS Training course, as determined by the VIPS Coordinator.

Candidates meeting the criteria to become a member of VIPS, please click here for the application. If you have any questions, please contact Sergeant Bobby Smith at 817.410.3252.