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Grapevine was incorporated in 1907 and later that year the first Town Marshal, W.W. Bennett, was appointed. Town Marshals proudly served Grapevine until Mayor Joe D. Clark signed into city ordinance the creation of the position, Chief of Police in 1956. Chief John Baze led a four man department to oversee a population of approximately 4,500.

The Grapevine Police 'Star' patch was designed by Assistant Police Chief Hamp Scruggs and added to the uniform in 1963. The 'Star' contains the phrase 'Sine Cera' or Sincerely Yours, With Honesty. It is a symbol of dedication to the City our men and women serve and the profession we have chosen.

Our 'Star' was added to the new police squads which were transitioned to black and white in 2012. Today Chief Hamlin leads a department with a total staff of 146 watching over a population in excess of 49,000.
GPD patch