Property and Evidence

Property & Evidence is comprised of two civilian technicians who oversee property and evidence. Duties include retrieving, coding and transporting evidence, as well as releasing property to the public, other agencies, detectives, officers and court officials. Technicians oversee inventory of all guns, drugs, money, and other items, while also serving as Quartermaster of the department to maintain and order all uniforms, duty gear, portable radios, guns, ammunition, body armor, badges, and other required equipment for officers and staff. 

Police Property Release Requests

All property release requests shall be reviewed by a Supervisor of the Grapevine Police Department. A property request does not guarantee the release of the property.

All property releases require an appointment. Per Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Article 18.17 a certified letter will be mailed to the last known address of the owner of the property. The letter recipient has 90 days from the day the letter is received to claim their property. Failure to claim the property will result in its destruction.

The property owner can designate someone else of their choosing to pick up their property on their behalf. A form must be completed and notarized before it is submitted for review. If the property is a firearm, the designated person will have to submit to a background check.

Anyone wanting to request the release of property can access the form online here.

For additional information, contact Property and Evidence during regular business hours at 817.410.3948 or by email:

Lost Property Report

Anyone wanting to make a report of lost property can do so online through the Grapevine Police Online Reporting System. You can access the online reporting here.