Client Services Animal Liaison Volunteer

Client Services Animal Liaison Volunteer


Client Services Animal Liaisons assist Grapevine Animal Services staff in greeting shelter patrons and providing exceptional customer service.  Liaisons will prepare/clean adoption visit areas, facilitate adoption visits, assist patrons in looking for their missing pet, tidy adoption animal kennels, and assist with reception desk tasks as needed.


Is this position right for you? 

  • Warm, positive customer service oriented personality
  • Enjoys interacting with people and animals
  • Professional and safe approach to animal handling
  • Takes pride in keeping things neat and tidy
  • Emotionally equipped to handle shelter conditions and long-term residents
  • Commit 2 hours per week for at least 6 months
  • At least 18 years of age



  • Provide exceptional customer service, communication, and positive representation of the organization
  • Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with others
  • Identify and solve concerns through training or experience provided by staff
  • Must be able to handle all types of adoptable animals--dogs, cats, small mammals, birds, reptiles
  • Recognize animal body language and respond appropriately
  • Move animals in and out of their cages safely
  • Be able to physically control animals--walking dogs, carrying cats, etc.
  • Maintain contact with staff and report any concerns
  • Recognize signs of illness and injury in animals
  • Report concerning behaviors
  • Understand disease prevention and transmission in a shelter environment
  • Maintain safety for animal and human health
  • Read and follow signage
  • Responsible for working scheduled shift

Dress Code:

  • Volunteer t-shirt
  • Volunteer nametag
  • Close toed, non-slip shoes
  • Long pants

VIT (Volunteer In Training)

  • Proactively greet guests in a friendly, professional manner
  • Direct patrons to their area of interest
  • Clean/sanitize visit areas between visits per protocol
  • Assist in keeping the lobby and public hallways clean and free of clutter
  • Tidy adoption animal kennels—scoop litter box, refill water, provide clean bedding—under the supervision of staff or a Level 3 Volunteer


  • Receive animal handling training
  • At least 18 years of age


Level 1

  • Independently carry out all VIT duties, plus:
  • Answer guest questions, seeking assistance from staff as needed
  • Provide clients with information on adoptable animals and the adoption process
  • Provide clients with appropriate paperwork—for example, an owner surrender profile or adoption questionnaire
  • Conduct adoption visit
  • Move adoption animals to and from kennels
  • Tidy adoption animal kennels as needed


  • 16 hours, 2-month tenure
  • Complete animal handling checklist


Level 2

  • All Level 1 duties, plus:
  • Process adoptions through the pet management software


  • 48 hours, 6-month tenure
  • Complete PetPoint training module on adoptions
  • Complete Fear Free Sheltering 4 Main Modules


Level 3

  • All Level 2 duties, plus:
  • Answer phones to assist clients
  • Serve as volunteer lead, if desired


  • 100 hours, 12-month tenure
  • Complete Fear Free Sheltering Additional Modules
brown and white dog and cat nuzzling in grass

Printable Description for Client Services Animal Liaison Volunteer