Sensory Awareness at the Library

Sensory Inclusive Library


  1. Where can I check out a sensory bag?
    Sensory bags are available at the Circulation Desk near the entrance to the library.

  2. Do I need a library card to check out a sensory bag?
    Anyone visiting the library is welcome to check out a sensory bag. A library card is not required.

  3. What is inside the sensory bag?
    The sensory bags contain noise-canceling headphones, several fidget toys, a laminated VIP badge, and a communication card.

  4. Can I take the sensory bag home?
    No, the sensory bags are intended for use inside the Library. If you want to learn more about where we got the items and where you can find similar items for use at home, please let us know! Our friends at KultureCity are also a tremendous resource for individuals and families seeking information about sensory issues.

  5. Are there other sensory materials available?
    Yes, weighted blankets are available upon request.