Animal Bite Information

Report Animal Related Injuries

ALL instances of injury to humans by an animal, whether domestic or wild, are required by the Texas Health and Safety Code Section 826.041 to be reported to the Local Rabies Control Authority for the county or municipality in which the incident occurred.  Grapevine Animal Services is the authority which responds to and investigates such cases in the City of Grapevine.

When an animal, domestic or wild, bites or scratches a person there is concern of the rabies virus being transmitted to the person.  Rabies is a zoonotic disease, meaning animals can infect humans, and is transmissible most commonly through the saliva of an infected animal.  When an animal bites a person and the skin is broken, infected saliva can make entry through the wound-site.  The animal must be placed in quarantine for a period of ten (10) days or two hundred forty (240) hours from the time of the bite or scratch in accordance with the Texas Administrative Code.  This quarantine period is standard and is designed to ensure the victim receives appropriate and timely rabies prophylaxis in the event an animal begins to show symptoms of the virus.  If the animal cannot be quarantined or there are other factors it may be tested for rabies, however, the only state-approved testing procedure requires the animal be humanely euthanized as a brain sample is required.

Rabies Quarantine

Quarantine can be completed in a state-approved quarantine facility.  Grapevine Animal Services as well as any licensed veterinary clinic are state-approved quarantine facilities.  In certain situations, a home quarantine (in the owner's home) may be approved should the state and local requirements be met and the Local Rabies Control Authority agree to the arrangement.  Grapevine Animal Services recommends that the quarantine be done at the veterinary clinic of the owner’s choosing to protect their pet’s health.  Animals taken into any animal shelter risk being exposed to illness from the animals that are picked up at-large in the City.

If you have been injured by an animal, or know someone who was, please call the non-emergent Police Dispatch line at 817.410.8127.  If the victim needs immediate medical attention, dial 911 and be certain to inform the call taker that an animal is the cause of the injuries.  Be sure that the animal has either left the area or is properly contained so that no one else is injured.  If possible, note where the animal was last seen and what direction it was headed or let the first responders know where the animal lives. 

If you have any questions about animal bites/scratches or the quarantine process, please call Animal Services at 817.410.3370.