Local Animal Laws

Local and state animal laws are in effect to keep animals and people safe.  Here are some common regulations for animals here in Grapevine.  Please refer to Chapter 6 of City of Grapevine ordinances for 

Animals at Large
Animals must be contained in an enclosure, such as a fence, that is able to contain them or be held on a leash by a person able to control their actions.

Disturbance by Animal Noises
Noises such as barking or howling from a dog or crowing from a rooster can be considered unreasonable if happening at length.  Please be courteous to your neighbors and curb these behaviors.

Rabies Vaccination
Dogs and cats must be currently vaccinated for the rabies virus by a licensed veterinarian and wearing the tag provided at all times.

Number of Animals Allowed
Households are allowed a maximum of four dogs and cats in any combination.  For example:  if you have one dog, you can have up to three cats.  Or if you have two dogs, you can have two cats.

Animal Care
Animals must be provided appropriate shelter, nutritious food, clean water, and veterinary care to prevent or treat illness and disease.  Further attention must be paid to leaving animals unattended in motor vehicles.

Animal Bites
When a cat, dog, or ferret bites a person and skin is broken within the City limits of Grapevine, the incident must be reported to Grapevine Animal Services per State of Texas laws.

Exotic Animals
It is prohibited to own animals that are considered wild within the City.