A donation to Grapevine Animal Services is fully tax-deductible.  People may choose to donate to the care of our animals for several reasons.  We have included a simple, secure online link for donations to be made directly to our shelter by clicking the "Donate" button above.  Alternatively, donations may be made by mail or calling our staff during business hours.

Grapevine Animal Services
500 Shady Brook Dr.
Grapevine, TX 76051

Phone:  817.410.3370

A general contribution to our shelter will benefit our animal programs including adoptions, enrichment, and medical treatment costs. Donations to Grapevine Animal Services create life-saving options for the animals in our care. Your contribution directly impacts the number of animals we can successfully care for every year.

A memorial contribution is a wonderful way to honor the life of an animal lover or a beloved pet, allowing their spirit to make a difference in the lives of homeless animals. In many cases, families will request the memorial donations be made to Grapevine Animal Services in lieu of flowers. Memorial contributions are acknowledged with a card sent to the bereaved family so they know their loved one continues to impact the lives of the animals they loved.

If you prefer to give an in kind donation, please visit our Wish List.
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