Pet Behavior Resources

Dogs and cats don't come with an owner's manual so here are some resources to get you started.  Animals are very eager to please and so we encourage you to work through behavior issues, as sometimes they may be more related to how we as humans are acting or treating the animal.  A small change may make a big difference in the relationship with your furry friend.  If you need further assistance, please feel free to call our shelter.

Why Dogs Bark
Barking Dogs:  Noise or Communication?

Cat Litter Box Issues
ASCPA Cat Litter Box Problems
Litter Box 101
Litter Box Problems

Food Aggression
Food Aggression Training

HSUS Housetraining
Best Friends Housetraining
Excited Urination

Stop Your Dog From Jumping
Teach To Sit, Not Jump--Video

Secret to Dog Training
Dog Sitting