Rehome Your Pet

There are times when owners must make a difficult decision if they can no longer care for their animal and Grapevine Animal Services is here to support the process.

Have you considered:
  • If you have behavior concerns with your pet, working with an animal behaviorist
  • If you adopted the animal from another shelter or rescue organization your contract may require you to return the animal to that group
  • If you are surrendering your animal for advanced age or severe medical conditions speak with your veterinarian first about quality of life options
  • Re-homing your beloved pet yourself for a smooth transition to a new home:
Rehome offers a simple, reliable and free option for pet owners to find a new home for their pet instead of taking them to an animal shelter. How it works:

  1. Create an online pet profile through Rehome. The profile will be seen by millions of pet adopters.
  2. Review applications and the Rehome team will help owners select the best pet adopter matches.
  3. Meet adopters with Rehome’s guidance for a safe and pressure-free meeting.
  4. Finalize the adoption with Rehome’s adoption contract to protect the transfer of your pet ownership.
    Rehome is a service provided by and the Petco Foundation.



    Grapevine Animal Services accepts animals from residents of the City of Grapevine wishing to relinquish ownership of their pet.  An appointment is necessary.  

    • Schedule an appointment:  817.410.3370
    • Bring proof of current City of Grapevine residency with photo ID (you must be 18 years or older)
    • Complete a dog or cat surrender form.  You may complete this ahead of time by downloading here.
    • Bring your pet's vaccination and medical records
    • Collect anything you wish for your pet to keep for comfort such as a favorite toy or blanket as well as any medications that your pet is currently on

      Animals that have been relinquished to Grapevine Animal Services will be evaluated on an individual basis for the suitability of that animal for our adoption program.  The evaluation is based on the animal's medical and behavioral well-being.  Some animals may not be appropriate for our adoption program, but may be transferred to a placement partner, such as another shelter or rescue group, for additional resources.  Some animals may not be able to be placed internally or externally for reasons such as safety, capacity of care, or quality of life and would be humanely euthanized.