About Us

Welcome to Grapevine Animal Services!  We serve the City of Grapevine, Texas for all of the animal sheltering, humane law enforcement, and animal education needs of our community. We are a department of the City of Grapevine and are here to help our human and animal residents stay safe.

Our shelter is open admission for residents of Grapevine and we provide the animal control needs of the City such as stray animal pickup and cruelty and bite investigations.  A full list of services can be found below:

  • Animal adoptions
  • Pick up stray/at large animals within the community
  • Take in unwanted pets from owners within the community
  • Shelter, feed, and care for homeless animals
  • Humane law enforcement
  • Rabies and bite investigation (Local Rabies Control Authority)
  • Educational programs
  • Resource reference for wildlife concerns
  • Response to livestock concerns
  • Cruelty investigation
  • Dead, non-owned animal pickup
Please feel free to contact us if we may be of service to you!