Business Watch

Business Watch Program 

The Business Watch Program promotes a safer community through crime prevention and environmental design in order to mitigate crime. A Business Watch Program is one of the most effective and least costly ways to reduce crime and reduce fear. It can help to restore the sense of community in a commercial district.

How does it work?

Business Watch Programs are organized in communities that want to prevent criminal activities from starting. It sends a signal to the criminal element that the merchants in the neighborhood care about their community.

What programs are offered?
The Grapevine Police Department provides a variety of free programs available to the business community. Here is a listing of just some of the classes available: 

• Robbery Prevention
• Employee Safety
• Workplace Violence Training
• Burglary Prevention
• Safety for the Home Care Provider

What about Security Assessment Surveys?

The Grapevine Police Department also provides upon request free Security Assessment Surveys for businesses. These assessments provide information to you about safety concerns and provide recommendations on how to address those concerns.

Business Contact Information?

Help us improve our effectiveness in an emergency response or major incident by providing us with your after hours contact information by clicking here.
How can I learn more about crime in my business neighborhood?
To learn more about your community, please contact Sergeant Bobby Smith at 817.410.3253 or email