Birth / Death Certificates

Local Registrar

The City Secretary’s Office in August, 1973, became the local registrar for births and deaths occurring in the City limits. This office also serves as a remote birth-certificate printing location for the State Bureau of Vital Statistics and can issue birth records for those persons who were born in the State of Texas from 1926 to present. 

Vital records are confidential by state law and are only issued to qualified applicants:
  • Registrant, mother, or father with a valid driver's license or passport
  • Sibling, grandparent, guardian or legal representative with proof of relationship through a certified legal document and valid driver's license or passport

Birth Certificates are issued in a short form or a long form. Long forms are only available for births occurring in the City of Grapevine. 

Obtaining Records

The application for a birth or death certificate must be presented in person or mailed in with proper photo identification and payment. Please submit completed applications to:
  • City Secretary’s Office
    P.O. Box 95104
    Grapevine, TX 76099
NOTE: All mailed in applications for birth or death certificates must be accompanied by signed Notarized Proof of Identification (attached to applications below).

For mail applications, we will issue the requested birth certificates the day we receive a complete application, notary form, copy of US Government issued ID, and payment.

For walk-in applications, we issue the certificate while you are in the office. We will make a copy of your government issued ID.