Tax ID Theft

Tax fraud occurs when someone fraudulently files your taxes so that they can divert the refund. After contacting the IRS they will usually advise you to make a report with your local police department.

To report Tax Fraud follow these steps:

Step #1
  1. Complete the Identity Theft Affidavit IRS Form 14039
  2. Print out 2 copies
  3. Sign each form individually (no photo copied signatures), do not scratch or cross out anything on this document. If you make a mistake print out more copies.
  4. Make two legible photo copies of your government issued ID
  5. If your electronic return was rejected you will need to mail your return. Include a copy of the IRS Form 14039 and a copy of your ID when you mail your return.

If you received a letter in the mail from the IRS notifying you of issue with your return mail one copy (with original signature) of the IRS form 14039 and copy of your ID to the following address:
Internal Revenue Service
PO Box 9039
Andover MA 01810-0939
Step #2

Contact the Grapevine Police Department at 817.410.8127 and request that an officer be dispatched to take your report. When filling the report you will need to provide the following:

  1. 1 copy of form 14039 with original signatures
  2. 1 legible photo copy of your government issued ID